Nature Box Body Wash Review


I had received Nature Box’s cold pressed avocado oil body wash via Influenster which is a company that gives out products complementary in exchange for an honest review. I was particularly excited to try this body wash due to it being a vegan product as well as free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colorants. I love the packaging for the product, it’s simple yet chic. I adore that the company encourages consumer recycling as well as supports farmers in sustainably cultivating raw materials.

This body wash lathers nicely, leaves no residue on the skin, it’s moisturizing, and cleans as a body wash should. The scent is very light yet fresh. It doesn’t smell in any way like an avocado but I do get a very earthy, floral scent from this which I fell suits it well. It doesn’t leave a smell on your skin afterwards, if there is a scent lingering it is a very soft and unnoticeable which is great as it won’t interfere with any scented moisturizers or perfumes you may decided to use, if any.

No where on the body does it directly say that it is a natural product but the name of the brand is called ‘Nature Box’ so it does create the idea of it being a natural product. When someone thinks natural product they think safe ingredients so I would like to point out that there are some ingredients in this product that can be concerning for some. These ingredient include Sodium benzoate which is able to destroy parts of DNA and presents a cancer risk when combined with ascorbic acid. As well as PEG’s (PEG-7 & PEG-40) although considered safe with further research you may find that they do present a contamination risk of Ethylene Oxide as well as 1,4-Dioxane which have been linked to cancer. I do recommend doing your own research if you are concerned about the ingredients.

Overall this is a nice product and I would recommend as it does exactly what a body wash should, it looks gorgeous in my shower, and I love the culture of the company. The only exceptions to my recommendation would be to those who are truly concerned with product ingredients.

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