Walter’s Puppy Must Haves

Of course there are the necessities such as food and water bowls, a leash, harness, dog toys, dog food, and dog treats but there are a few items that are considered a ‘must have’ in the life of Walter.

Teething toys and lots of them! Puppy’s will chew on anything when it comes to teething. I mean everything; furniture, wall corners, shoes, your hands, your feet, the remote, and anything else that they can find. It’s important to have something to help them alleviate their discomfort that is safe for them. There are a lot of options for dog teething toys I personally love the Kong, they are great for teething but it’s also great to use to occupy Walter for a bit by filling the center with peanut butter and then freezing it overnight! However, Walter’s favorite is a key ring teething toy that I had gotten for him while on our 1st Petco trip together.

2 dog beds! Yes I need 2 of them for just one puppy. I have one downstairs where he spends more of this time, and one in the bedroom for bed time. Now Walter actually sleeps in bed with us (was not our initial plan, the first week we had tried to have him sleep exclusively in his bed but that clearly did not stick) but when hanging out upstairs he does like having a bed to chill out on and supervise what ever I am doing. Not all dogs use dog beds, I know my pug growing up preferred to just plop down on the floor rather than using a dog bed, but I love that Walter enjoys using his beds.

A dedicated blanket. I know what you’re thinking, 2 beds and his own blanket – if you’re not a dog lover then I probably sounds crazy. Well it is a must have for Walter. He loves blankets, as a puppy he would try and pull the blanket off the couch so he can have one. Now that he is 5 months he is more then successful in stealing blankets, so yes he has his own (he has 2 actually). It doesn’t stop him from trying to steal our blankets but at least every can have their own blanket to use during TV time. (yes, he watches TV with us and he loves it)

A doggie ‘diaper’ bag. We always refer it to a diaper bag, but it’s really a travel bag for dogs that we got off amazon. It is very important to me to keep Walter well socialized, I know he’s a pug and pug are very lovable, easy going dogs so socialization shouldn’t be a huge concern. However, I feel that socialization is important for the well being and mental health of any dog breed. Anywhere that we can take Walter, you bet he’s coming with us. Because of this I needed something to carry his things with me other than a plastic bag where everything will end up rolling all over my car floor during travel.