What’s in Walter’s ‘Diaper Bag’

As mentioned in my blog post of Walter’s puppy must haves, one of the 4 all time must haves for Walter was a puppy ‘diaper bag’ which was really just a dog travel bag which I had purchased on Amazon.

This travel bag as become a big necessity since the day we got it. I am that person who brings their dog anywhere they can. I find that socialization is extremely important for a dog’s mental health and overall happiness because who doesn’t love getting out of the house and experiencing new things. There is nothing more magical than how happy Walter gets when we are out on an adventure and because of that I will always take him with me where he is allowed.

With that being said here is what I pack into Walter’s ‘Diaper Bag’:

  • Pee pads – this is important when going to someone else’s house or dog friendly hotel although we are continually improving on our potty training, accidents happen. I would rather put a pee pad aside for Walter so that he has a place where it is okay to go potty when he can’t go outside or has an accident rather than to put him in a position where he needs to be put into time out. It’s about setting him up for success in all situations.
  • Toys – I like to pack at least one teething toy and one fun toy, that way he has his pick. If he needs something to chew on he has it, if he wants to attack something that squeaks then he can do that.
  • Food – This is a no brainier! I have an empty pasta sauce container that I cleaned and reuse as travel food storage. The travel bag we bought on Amazon already comes with 2 collapsible silicone bowls for food an water, so all I need to worry about it the actual food.
  • Treats – I like to bring 2 different options something small and easy to give him as a reward and something fun to give him as a treat to spoil him with.
  • Weather items – This would include a sweater or jacket if it’s cold and snow shoes if there are salts on the sidewalks to protect his paws.
  • Any necessary medications – The only medications that Walter received is his flea/tick prevention and heart worm prevention and those items depend on the time of month if it’s needed to be packed. If he were to need any other medication for some reason, that would also be packed.
  • Light blanket – This is more of a comfort item, something he can cuddle in that is his and familiar. Plus he loves blankets, it’s one if his favorite things!