Veterinary Technician Student At Penn Foster

Recently I decided to enroll myself in the veterinary technician program with Penn Foster, which is an online college. This is something that I feel passionate and extremely proud to be starting this journey. Being that I am a business owner online school is the best option for me. Everything can work around my unpredictable schedule and I need that. However it’s also not an ‘easy’ route either. There is a lot of self discipline that is required with an online college and everything is dependent on you.

So what’s is my experience like so far in the veterinary technician program?


There is a lot of information and a lot reading! I am the type of person who’s brain gets lost when it comes to long paragraphs and too much information, it happens. What I do to help myself better absorb information and to keep my brain on track is I will look up YouTube videos on whatever topic I am learning. Reading and writing is great but this helps give me some visual and auditory learning.

Having Walter has been proven to be very useful! I am able to incorporate some kinesthetic learning into the mix. During a course on animal restraint by trying it on Walter is a blessing. I can locate and name off the various vein names, and so on. With my black cat and my sister’s cat, smokey, being at my parents house I will also be able to practice cat restraint hands on. Now I just wish my sisters still had their parakeets to practice the bird handling.

Penn Foster has a lot of features such as virtual flash cards that has been quite useful who when I am studying by myself. I love being able to do practice tests. There is even a Facebook group filled with people in the same program which is a great way to get help and connect with other students all over. These little tools are taken for granted way too often, I on the other hand treasure them completely.

I am already learning so much and I love it. I believe that this has to do with both learning something that I am actually interested in but the mindset that I have now that I am older. Had I done this sooner I do not think I would be taking so much away from the program. I guess sometimes timing is everything.

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