Trying Mighty Fix

Over the past year I have become more aware on the impact that we have on our planet and it was been weighing on my heart. I have slowly been making small changes in order to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. There are many changes that I have accomplished so far within the year and I am so proud of the progress that I have made in making better choice in order to protect our planet for generations to come. Recently I stumbled upon an add for one of those monthly subscription boxes that introduces you to eco friendly products and it caught my eye immediately. They had a discount code advertised so I decided to give it a try, what better way to continue my efforts.

What I received from them was a beautiful and very high quality reusable sandwich bag set! There is so much waste created with single use plastic bags and I love being able a reusable alternative to have a replace hundreds of plastic single use bag within my home. I am in love with it and already putting it into use.

I’m not sure if I am completely committed to this subscription quite yet but I love what the company stands for and their efforts in creating a more eco friendly word by making an easy way to introduce other to making small changes and I am excited to see what comes next.