My first foster

Recently started to foster at my local shelter, and it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I wanted to make a blog post about it and share my first experience for anyone who is thinking about fostering. Fostering is a great volunteer opportunity and a great way to experience having a pet without the commitment. I think anyone looking to bring a dog into their home should foster first just so they can get an idea of what kind of commitment they are getting into.

Typically when you foster, the shelter will provide you with food if you need it, they will let you borrow dog bed, bowls, I mean they really do what they can to help you because ultimately you are helping them greatly by fostering for them. All shelters will take care of all the vet care and some will even provide someone to transport the pup back and forth from vet care if needed. Of course you would want to talk to the shelter to see exactly what they help with and what you will need to do or provide for the pup besides a loving environment.

I recommend buying toys on sale before you plan on fostering. If you already have a spoiled pup like I do, then you have no shortage of toys in your home so this may not be an issue. If you do not have a dog you are going to want to keep an eye out on sales to pick up a few, then when you are not foster put it in a box in your closet until you need it again. If you are fostering a puppy teething toys are a must, if they don’t have something to chew on then they will chew whatever they can find, aka your furniture or for Daphne it was a pillow.

Meet my first foster – Daphne, a gorgeous white and black lab mix. The happiest and most polite puppy I have ever met. She impressed me with how quick she was able to be house trained, the first 2 days she went without one accident in the house, was already holding it in through the night. on the 3rd day as soon as i finished complimenting her on how well she has been with no accidents she of course had an accident, but she was jinxed so I don’t hold it against her. I love the way she would politely put her front paws on my your lap for a little attention. She would even use her paws to have you put your phone down if you got distracted! We spent the last night with her in a big spooning session consisting of Daphne, Walter [pug], my husband, and I. She was definitely over all such a special pup and I was so blessed to be able to foster her. Better yet, I was able to find her a home with one of our friends so she is not far and always available to visit which is a huge win!

I have had the pleasure of fostering a bottle kitten shortly after fostering Daphne which I will be posting more information on in another post in the future.

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