My First Tattoo Experience

I’ve always wanted a tattoo but my style and opinions have been constantly changing as I have been growing and progressing through life… and then there’s the over shadowing cloud of fear of feeling something I have never felt before along with the fear of needles and pain. Finally after being peer pressured by my brother enough times I caved in to facing my fears and anxieties holding me back from a tattoo head on.

Up until my appointment I googled countless of hours based off of fear for information on what the pain would be like and other’s experience trying to ease my mind. Because of that I decided it’s only fair that I share my experience so that other who feel the same as I did can have another perspective and another article to help ease anyone else’s mind who may need it .

The day of my tattoo I was an emotional mess! I felt like I was going to throw up, I couldn’t eat even though I know that I had to. The closer I got to my tattoo appointment time the more my stomach hurt. As soon as I walked into the tattoo shop most of my anxiety subsided. It helped that the shop was very clean, had beautiful interior decor, and my artist was the sweetest little thing and extremely personable. My artist was very quick, my tattoo took less than 30 mins – easy, breezy. She took very good care of me and I left her a big fat tip in return.

So what does it feel like? Did it hurt? Already the most asked question within the first 24 hours of getting my first tattoo. Yes it hurts, but it is not painful. Does that make any sense? For some part it was a sensation of hot scratches in my skin and I didn’t even cringe, in fact during those moments I was talking about how it wasn’t bad at all. Some areas was something very sharp being dragged across my skin, my toes curled a-little but it wasn’t unbearable. Overall when the experience was done I was embarrassed that I was so nervous that I failed to finish my lunch. I mean I was so nervous and hyped it up so much that I felt a constant urge to throw up… for nothing. If you were like me and get destined to never get a tattoo because you are afraid of the pain, don’t be. Let it be because you aren’t interested in one or don’t have anything you like enough to have permanently on your body because when it comes to the pain it’s not what you are hyping it up to be.

Any advice? Make sure that you force yourself to eat before hand, bring a granola bar or crackers with you if you are unable to eat incase your blood sugar drops so you don’t faint, and take a deep breath. All this anxiety you are feeling is not worth it compared to how it feels. You can do it.

Would I get more? Coming from someone who was so scared for their first tattoo, afraid of needles, and with not a high pain tolerance – Yes, I wouldn’t get another tattoo if it was that painful of an experience and I already have some new ideas in the works. Sorry mom.

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