My First Tattoo

Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

I am a spiritual person, I am by no means a religious person so I didn’t pick the tattoo to just stand for just a bible verse, however the verse is very meaningful to me.

Long gone are the years of my childhood where I would announce that I was the most beautiful girl in the world, my head has since been filled with words meant to degrade my self esteem. I am a loser, I am worthless, I would never do anything in life, I am stupid, I am a burden, no one will ever love me, no one will ever want to marry me, I am a failure, I can’t do anything right. Although I am grown now and recognize that I am none of those things it is a constant struggle to love myself. I am loved, I got married, I am educated, I opened my own very successful business but yet I still repeat all those words in my head. What you absorb while you are still young and impressionable stays with you.

After learning and growing from my experiences I strive to live with the words of proverbs 16:24 in my mind because your words are something you can’t take back, how you treat others can have a lasting impact on the rest of someone’s life, and it’s important to ‘bee’ kind.

My tattoo could easily also symbolize my mother’s maiden name so now after getting the tattoo my mom and both my sisters want the same one on them which makes this tattoo even more special. One day we will all have this tattoo forever connecting us and that is more precious than anything. It is my hope that the boys in my family could find something they could all match each other with in the future so that they may also have something that connects them, but no pressure.

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