My second Mighty Fix

I made a post on my first one, I love it but in the end I was unsure about how long I would keep the subscription. So now I have my second one and wanted to share what it came with.

This time around I received 3 wool dryer balls, which is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while now. These replace the need for dryer sheets which are full of toxic chemicals that absorb into your clothes and body, have irritating fragrances, take years to breakdown in landfills, and I’ve also read that they can burn out the heater in your dryer from the wax that is on the dryer sheet. The attraction to wool dryer balls instead is that they naturally soften your clothes, reduce drying times, gels eliminates wrinkles, reduces status, has no chemicals, and can be scented with essential oils.

I’m going to be honest for the price of the subscription this box was not worth is, I could have easily spend the same amount of money for 6 balls instead of 3 on Amazon with great reviews. So I’m that sense I’m a little disappointed, however it got the product into my hands which I’m not sure how long it would have taken for me to get on my own. Because of that I will be giving in another try and excited to see what comes next.

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