My Walter Tattoo

It is no secret that so am a-little extra about Walter. He more than just a dog to me and that it something that not everyone understands, and that okay but in my home Walter is family and will always be treated as such despite judgments.

Because of the strong bond Walter and a I have, I wanted to get a tattoo to honor our relationship. This was a hard one because there were so many ways so could go about this, with very little tattoos on my body I have to be tactful about it. I go in with the mindset with each tattoo that if I were to decide to never get another one it would still look good. I’ve considered many different options but I ended up deciding on gettin his birthdate in Roman numerals with a fly somehow incorporated with it. I love Roman numeral tattoos, I think they are adorable and a very cute way for putting displaying dates in tattoo form. I’ve always wanted Roman numerals since I was 18 and dreamed about getting tattoos that I was too scared to get. I always thought I would get my wedding date done in Roman numerals but after my parents painful divorce I decided against it (don’t worry my husband understands completely). But lucky for me I found another way to get that Roman numeral tattoo that I’ve been dreaming about.

As for the fly being incorporated, my entire immediate family compares Walter to a fly. It’s a small little family inside joke that has everything to do with my Walter so of course I had to add that in there.

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