The meaningless tattoo with meaning.

After getting my first tattoo and realizing that I could decorate my body without the fear of the pain level holding me back has been such a freeing experience. So I decided to get another tattoo to continue that liberating feeling by breaking the chains of needing a meaning behind your tattoo. I consider parts of my family to be kind of conservative. When you get a tattoo automatically it need to have some sort of big meaning behind it because that’s the one thing everyone will ask you right away. So I’m getting one with no meaning behind it. Yes some family will judge me for it, yes I may get some undesirable remarks or backlash. But that’s the beauty of it – I don’t need a meaning in order to put something I like on my body, it’s something that I have to live with so it’s only fair that it is something that I want. Maybe that freedom to decorate my body without needing a meaning behind it is ironically what the meaning is behind my tattoo. But at the end of the day there’s no rhyme or reason for this tattoo, I just picked it because I liked it so I got it.

Within a few hours after getting my first one I already knew what I wanted next. I wanted something earthy yet decorative – maybe a vine, leafy bracelet? Something to wrap around my arm? Well after a few hours of hunting for photos that I liked with a similar concept, and a few weeks of waiting to make sure it was something I was committed to…. I emailed the idea over to my artist and the rest is history.

I present to you my newest tattoo to the collection.

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