The Magic of a Dog Leash

Would you believe that what kind of leash you use could have a huge effect on walks and the occasional restraint? It’s true – what leash you use could play a major role when it comes to comfort, safety, and control!

My world was blown when I had purchased a new leash for Walter. I wasn’t expecting to buy a secondary leash for Walter, but life happened. While dog sitting a beautiful Husky, Walter had managed to break the plastic buckle part of the other dogs collar. So there I was at the pet store trying to find a new collar that was sturdy and reasonably priced. At least there was a deal with getting a Kong collar and leash together, Walter only had a retractable leash which can trouble so I figured why not. The husky has a beautiful new collar and Walter a non retractable, 4ft leash. LIFE CHANGER!

Let me gas up with Kong leash for a minute. It is a 4ft, rope dog leash with a cushioned handle, reflective stitching, and an attachment ring for accessories. I compared it with Walter’s original retractable leash and with the Husky’s traditional leash. Compared to both of these I had way better control and believe me walking a Husky can be tricky when they don’t have good walking habits so it was a true test of the product’s control. It is extremely comfortable, convenient, and the added reflective thread is a wonderful icing to the cake because safety extremely important! It has surpassed all expectations with something as simple as a leash and is now my #1 recommended leash at this time.

Here’s what’s important to look for when picking out a leash.

  • Non retractable. always a better choice for many reasons. It’s harder to control with a retractable leash and you can end up in a painful tangled mess with your feet tied to a tree real quickly. Yes you can always lock the leash but even with that feature I still find myself in a mess before I even realise what hit me – especially when Walter notices another dog before I do.
  • Cushioned handles. Not just for comfort but if you have a bigger or strong dog that is not trained to not pull when walking, your hands may hurt from the constant pressure and pulling of a rough leash. With a cushioned handle this is eliminated, as I found out when testing out my new leash compared to the traditional leash on my Husky house guest.
  • Avoid leashes that are a longer length than necessary. This is for control purposes, however there are leashes that have 2 handles attached – one that gives you more control and one gives you some extra length which would also be a great option.

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