The Start of Fall Festivities

It was an perfect all girls fall day! Last week my mom, sisters, and I went apple picking to start indulging in those fall activities everyone waits all summer to start doing! We picked all the Fuji apples our little hearts wanted and that my mom could hold as they can get heavy quite fast. The Fuji apples were Logann’s apple of choice incase you were wonder why that type specifically – her reasoning was anytime she saw an apple type desert on a menu that it said Fuji so we just went with it. After picking apples we went to the little shop to enjoy warm donuts and to pick up some apple cider which would be enjoyed upon arrival back home while watching my movie pick of the season, Hocus Pocus.

I have to say it was so much fun! You see I never actually been apple picking before so this was actually a first time for me. At least if I’ve been apple picking before I don’t remember. It had me thinking what other fall activities I have been missing out on and all the things I want to do this fall season. This fall will be one of figuring out what kind of traditions I want to add to the season besides my normal pumpkin picking, hay ride, and corn maze that we do each year. After all, it is the season that starts off taking more time out of our busy lives to spend more quality time with family and friends. If anyone has any beloved traditions or suggestions send them my way!

Here’s to fall of 2019!

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