Scorpion tattoo

Surprise! Another tattoo! I have pretty much been getting one a month so far since my first tattoo. Since I have the money for it I figured why not.

I bet your wondering what kind of explanation I have for this one. Well my sign is not a Scorpio, and neither is my husbands. Are you ready for this one?

Mortal kombat. I have memories from my childhood at the st, johns house of sitting in the living room playing mortal kombat on the sega genesis. I love mortal kombat there nothing like kicking someone else’s butt virtually to get out your frustrations. Can you guess who my favorite character to use when I play is? Scorpion.

The original idea was a stag beetle, but I will find another way to incorporate that in the future. So a month or so ago my husband decided he wanted to go to a place where you can play some of the retro arcade games and mortal kombat was ofcourse one of the ones there. I kicked his sorry butt like there was no tomorrow. That’s when it clicked to me that maybe a scorpion would be a cooler idea. It’s pretty bad ass and it actually has a connection to something in my life.

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