Microdelivery Dream Peel

About a month ago I received a full-sized sample of the microdelivery dream peel by philosophy complimentary via Influenster for reviewing purposes. The cost for this products is $60, comes with 50ml/1.7 fl. oz. of product, and can be purchased at Ulta and Sephora.

The product comes in a cute, clean designed box. It has a very feminine feel to it with hibiscus flower on the packaging and words emphasized with the color pink. The design of the packaging as well as the feminine details are appropriately inspired by one of their key ingredients which is hibiscus extract. The product itself comes in a sleek tubing with a pink applicator styled nozzle which has a small hole to dispense the product to be applied immediately onto your face with ease. The applicator style nozzle offers easy application and distribution of product as well as easy clean up after use – simply turn the nozzle to off, rinse, and put cap back on after using.

The information from their clinical trials are based off of a 2-week span using for 3 consecutive days for skin that “appears more even, perfected and luminous”, so I decided to do the same thing in order to properly review this product.

My Results:

In their clinical studies after 1-night skin is to appear ultra-smooth and baby soft. After my first night testing – I would agree with this, my skin the next morning after rinsing the product off was very soft and appeared to be smoother and slight more even complexion. Some acne that was by my jaw had shrunken in appearance as well. I would like to note that this product does cause a slight burning sensation for the first few minutes.

After 3 consecutive nights in their clinical studies skin is to look healthier with refined lines and less-visible pores. After testing I can’t comment on the refined lines, but pores do appear slightly less visible nothing dramatic. I do agree with the looking healthier. I would like to add that my makeup application was very smooth and I was impressed with how well my foundation came out.

After 2 weeks: I did notice an improvement in my skin, I feel like it has helped boost the other skin care items I have been using ultimately giving my skin a healthy glow. My esthetician also noticed an improvement in my skin – for background purposes my skin has a tendency to build up dead skin leaving me with a dry surface but oily below surface, I also have clogged pores around my nose and chin area. I tested this product in between monthly visits, although I still had some build up it was noticed that my skin had greatly improved from the visit prior.

Overall all I plan on continuing this product as part of my regular skin care routine and would recomend to others!

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