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Veterinary Technician Student At Penn Foster

Recently I decided to enroll myself in the veterinary technician program with Penn Foster, which is an online college. This is something that I feel passionate and extremely proud to be starting this journey. Being that I am a business owner online school is the best option for me. Everything can work around my unpredictable schedule and I need that. However it’s also not … Read More Veterinary Technician Student At Penn Foster

Walter’s Puppy Must Haves

Of course there are the necessities such as food and water bowls, a leash, harness, dog toys, dog food, and dog treats but there are a few items that are considered a ‘must have’ in the life of Walter. Teething toys and lots of them! Puppy’s will chew on anything when it comes to teething. I mean everything; furniture, wall corners, shoes, your hands, … Read More Walter’s Puppy Must Haves